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The Haitian Dream

Haitians are brilliant, courageous, and resilient human beings who have earned the right to live with dignity, regardless of what the media have portrayed for decades. Sadly, amid today’s political chaos and humanitarian crisis, all hope seems to be crushed and many people affirm there is nothing left to save in Haiti. On the contrary, the author of the Haitian Dream believes that our history should not dictate our destiny. Though we cannot do much about the past, we can heal the present together and build a better future. This generation has what it takes to:

  • Hope again and embrace the mindset of change.
  • Understand that prayer without actions will never shift the poverty paradigm.
  • See our country beyond its scars, rewrite our deformed history, and rebirth our destiny.
  • Promote a philosophical vision of African essence in Haitian education.
  • Alter the pattern of poverty that has generated economic stagnation and political instability.
  • Rebuild a self-sufficient country and end the cycle of eternal dependency.
  • Change Haiti, one citizen at a time, and restore our failed nation.


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