Educating for the future. Empowering to live with dignity. Building dynamic Communities. Hope again and embrace the mindset of change.


We are our brothers and sisters’ keepers.

Why Dignity Ground

We are an organization rooted in the fight for God-given Dignity to people – all people. We pride ourselves in being the inheritors of a nation that, historically, stood for freedom and equality for all, in the face of the world. We understand our time comes with its own challenges. That dignity has a price and will always be at stake. We exist to ensure that dignity is not a mere potential, but a reality lived by all, ranging from our children to our youth and seniors. We do this by establishing many supporting programs such as education, vocational training and entrepreneurship, music and the arts, sport and athletics. The unified goal of these programs is empowered persons and families for tackling the challenges of their individual and collective life. Each action, each interaction aims at the development of the potential of the individual person. At Dignity Ground, we relate to people with love and justice and oppose that which destroys, oppresses, demeans or manipulates and foster that which restores, upbuilds and affirms.

Our Story

Dignity Ground was founded in 2019 from the meeting of various generations of men and women in the Haitian diaspora of Florida. These men and women have been involved for at least the last 20 years in individual aid actions aimed at bringing relief to their compatriots in Haiti. Driven by the same values of compassion, solidarity and “Giving back” to their communities, they decided to converge their strength for a more coherent action articulated towards the development of the capacities of their compatriots for a personal charge of their destiny.

Vision, Mission and Values


(Our desired future)

Everyone is given the opportunity to reach their potential, to live life with dignity and to participate in the construction of their community.


(Our role in working to achieve this future)

To facilitate the self-empowerment of people through education, vocational trainings and community development. It means promoting the commitment of individuals in the collective actions aimed at repairing a critically torn social fabric.


These are the fundamental beliefs and principles upon which our strategies, actions and decisions are built.

  • Christian worldview
    At the core of our Christian worldview is the fundamental premise that each human being is made in God’s image, and as such, is of infinite worth and value.
  • Solidarity
    We are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. Our conscious and voluntary solidarity aims at the pursuit of justice, peace and the development of the community.
  • Giving back
    Every generation stands upon the shoulders of those who have gone before, and every generation becomes the shoulders upon which others will stand.
  • Civic Engagement
    We are dedicated in bringing change in the communities through the sharing of knowledge, skills, values and the promotion of a dynamic civic life.

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