Our Education program is built on two axes:

Axis 1 / Providing educational assistance to children and young people whose parents are economically and financially unable to meet such an obligation, especially in the most remote places. It means paying their full year school tuition;  providing didactic supplies such as: uniforms, books, notebooks, and the like; giving a daily meal through our “Cantine scolaire” project.

Axis 2 / Raising a new generation of citizens by promoting a culture of civic engagement at the service of the common good.

Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship

Our entrepreneurship program contributes to the development of a mentality of self-empowerment by the constant search for new forms of combinations of the resources available. It also encompasses the development of the potential of individuals through music and the arts as well as sport and athletics.

Community Organizing

This program aims at bringing change in the communities through the sharing of knowledge, skills, values and the advancement of a dynamic civic life including by environmental activism.